The Handy Review - Is this the Sensational Device Men Are Looking For? - (2024)

Hi I’m Rob Cram and today we take a look at the male toy the Handy which has been developed in OSLO Norway by SweetTech AS. Before we start, a disclaimer. We are not familiar with male toys, so our experience comes based on “fresh-legs” so to speak. There are plenty of male toys on the market now in a multi-billion dollar industry, so we are investigating this device independently for science.



First-things-first and in a nutshell, the Handy is an automated male toy that aims to offer a pleasurable hand-job or oral experience with or without synchronization to an adult-themed video. The device will set you back around £199 including tax with a variety of fast-shipping methods or a slower free-shipping option. The device comes neatly packed, but unfortunately isn’t very discrete as the box outer cover says in big letters “The Ultimate Handjob machine”. Oops! That’s a red flag right there and something SweetTech AS should consider removing. We can imagine raised eyebrows at customs for example if the package becomes intercepted for clearance, or worse seen by a family member/unaware partner. Aside from that, everything is compact and the box fairly small containing the device, a sleeve and power cable/box and any plug adaptor you might need for your country. In the UK ours used a standard UK plug, so no need for an adaptor.


The device itself feels weighty at 1.4 Kg and comes in at around 9 inches or 23cm in height. It operates via the mains rather than battery, which although means a constant cable to contend with, does have the advantage of no charge waiting time and no running out of power at crucial moments. It’s quite a complex piece of machinery with 10 sensors, brushless motors to mimic the movements of hands and mouths. There are 4 Hall sensors, 2 Temperature sensors (to shut down the device if nearing overheating), 2 Infrared sensors and 1x Lock detect sensor. The handy senses when there is resistance against its moving part and stops or moves in the opposite direction which is pretty neat and designed to prevent injury. It has a variable stroke length between 0 -11cm or 0-4.3 inches and a max speed of 10 strokes per second which seems blisteringly fast.


The Handy itself simply plugs into the mains and requires a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth setup. Wi-Fi requires connecting to a special handy setup website via a 2.4Ghz connection where the device registers with a unique connection key (which you can take a note of). It is a pretty straight forward process, with a button press on the device and colour coded lights to determine its status. Users can run into issues if they have multiple networks running at the same time though. In this instance, we had to disable our wired connection for the setup connection to work properly. However, once the setup completed we could use the wireless and wired connection concurrently without issue. When the setup finalizes (there might be an update) which should take 5 minutes at the most, the Handy is ready to use in an offline state. There are buttons to control the stroke and speed alongside an on/off button. To synch to the online component (which is a must by-the-way) users visit website. It’s here where using a browser you connect to the handy (with the connection key you were given during setup) and operate the remote operation feature or sync to videos either 2D or in VR.


The Handy operates by moving a sleeve up and down at various controllable speeds and lengths. Users put their junk inside a detachable silicone sleeve (with or without lube), and then secure that to the handy via a Velcro strap. The instructions suggest filling the sleeve (which you might need to squeeze the end as you enter) before attaching to the strap. We found with lube to be most preferable and realistic. The concept by-design looks pretty straight forward, but users will need to experiment as you might not get the fit correct immediately. There is a big difference in feeling depending on how tight you secure the Velcro strap and the position where the grip rests on your junk. Get it right though, and you immediately feel the benefits. Another issue is how hard you are. It’s quite possible to enter in a flaccid state and let the device arouse, but this requires some experience to get the handy movement to suit. With some experimentation and learning, once you determine what you can and cannot do with the device and it becomes second nature, let the fun and games begin!


As with most things there are pros and cons and the Handy is no exception. Looking at the cons first, there’s the obvious power cable issue. You can’t ignore it and depending on whether you sit or lie down it can get in the way a little. The other issue which won’t affect everyone is the noise. If you’re intending to use the Handy with a unaware partner around then this isn’t discrete at all. Far better to have them involved to avoid any embarrassing moments if that is an option (more about that in a moment). If not, then pumping loud music to mask the sound works. At a slow operation speed it isn’t silent and knocks when reaching the top and bottom points. A recent experimental firmware update mitigates this problem somewhat by allowing user defined top and bottom points. Then there is the whirring noise of the motor which you cannot avoid. When moving at higher speeds it sounds like a train is passing through the building though. If you use lube with the sleeve, which is preferable, that too is going to create audible slurping sounds.

Another issue is the fact you have to hold on to the device during use (the base pressed against your stomach or groin) which is simply not as good as a hands-free option. That said, various owners have come up with ways to clamp the device to chairs and desks using 3D printed parts and such-like. If you are desperate for a hands-free experience then the official social media pages or Discord can offer solutions. It would be nice if SweetTech AS offered their own out-of-the-box solution though.


The negatives we have encountered might seem a lot, but don’t let that dissuade you because the pros certainly outweigh the cons. Our biggest gripe was the noise issue. As mentioned, when you secure the sleeve to the device with the right amount of grip and lube, the feeling is sensational and really does feel like an expert handjob or oral experience. You can begin by simply playing with the remote control and watch an adult movie without syncing to it. It’s an amazing feeling and makes it very easy to become aroused if not fully ready for action. You can also move the device higher or lower from your body or adjust the stroke length to get amazing sensations. Whether slow or at speed, it feels realistic and if you close your eyes and lie back can offer some immense relaxation/servicing.

The Handy comes alive though with its sync to video option. The handyfeeling website offers a number of examples to mess around with. Once the handy connects to the video, the device mimics the movement of the on-screen action pretty much perfectly. If there is a delay or it’s too fast, you can adjust the sync to suit using a slider on the browser page. Coupled with audio, and possibly no distractions in VR, the Handy takes male entertainment to another level. If you can stomach the noise or have it drowned out by music, the fast speed is an experience to behold and might have you “finish” before time. Again, experimentation with the grip is a must to suit your tolerances. The Handy will overheat though with prolonged use at high speed as a caveat. It will automatically shut down when this happens until it’s ready for use again.

Considering we are gaming focused, no games currently support the Handy officially. However, experiences such as Holodexxx plan to use it in the future. It’s also possible to sync to other games using video and some understanding of creating scripts. If this is too complex, then there are communities creating these which you might be able to request. However, we must state that the entire premise behind the Handy is to mimic the actions of someone else, rather than the user. That means no user movement, which many adult games currently rely on. That is what it does best, so software that incorporates using the available API should be possible. There is a slew of adult content in the form of videos via sites such as though which already have the scripts for use with 2D or VR devices. You can also create scripts for your local videos if that is your calling. We think there is enough content out there to not bother with this, but it is great the option exists.

Taking things to another level is the remote control and as mentioned earlier users can connect the Handyfeeling app to a mobile device for a partner to use. A partner could also control the device using the browser. This is an interesting experience for intimate couples and without going into detail, imagine the use cases! Already, SweetTech AS offer to select users the chance to join multi-control sessions where an actress controls many devices remotely. This is experimental at present but so far looks like an impressive feature in the making.


Without-a-doubt and despite some niggles with things like cables, loud motors and slurping sounds, The Handy is an awesome device. The feelings are spectacular, the available content overflowing, and operation smooth-as-silk. Our only gripe coming from a gaming background is the lack of compatible software. Hopefully this will change over time. For whatever your needs such as having a high libido, or just adding additional fun-and-games to playtime with a partner, the Handy succeeds and is well worth the price-of-entry. Unlike many other toys which require user movement, the Handy offers a “sit back and relax” approach which works as intended. With some minor adjustments, such as less audible sounds during operation and a hands-free option out-the-box the Handy could be the ultimate male service device which in its current form we still highly recommend.

The Handy Review - Is this the Sensational Device Men Are Looking For? - (2024)


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