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The Khvostov is back in Destiny 2 and for the most part, the auto rifle hasn't changed much from its original days in Destiny. However, the Exotic Khvostov 7G-0X variant can't be earned right away. To get it, you will first need to get the Legendary variant after the main campaign, which is a pretty time consuming endeavor.

The Legendary variant is similar to the Exotic, but it is missing its unique Exotic trait - The Right Choice, which means that every seventh bullet from the weapon will deal additional damage and ricochet to nearby targets. The Legendary version does have more customization options available when it comes to perks and regular traits, though. It has the following options:

BarrelsMagazineTraitOrigin Trait
Hammer-Forged Rifling: Increases range.Alloy Magazine: Faster reloads when magazine is emptyStrategist: Final blows with this weapon generate class ability energy. Activating your class ability briefly improves this weapon's stability.Dealer's Choice: Final blow with this weapon grants a small amount of super energy. Ewuipping multiple weapons from The Pale Heart increases this effect.
Full Bore: Freatly increases range. Decreases stability. Slightly decreases handling speed.Steady Rounds: Greatly increases stability. Slightly decreases range. Increases airborne effectiveness.Pugilist: Final bows with this weapon generate melee energy. Dealing melee damage briefly improves the weapon's handling.
Polygonal Rifling: Barrel optimized for recoil reduction.Extended Mag: Greatly increases magazine size. Greatly decreases reload speed. Increases airborne effectiveness.Demolitionist: Kills with this weapon generate grenade energy. Activating your grenade ability reloads this weapon from reserves.
Multikill Clip: Reloading grants increased damage based on the number of rapid final blows made beforehand.
Attrition Orbs: Dealing sustained damage creates an Orb of Power.


To unlock the exotic variant of the Khvostov, the Khvostov 7G-02, in Destiny 2 you need to:

  • Finish The Final Shape's campaign
  • Loot all 9 region chests in The Pale Heart
  • Obtain the Alone In The Dark quest from Micah-10 in the Old Tower
  • Find the Lost Encryption Bits within the Cysts missions
  • Collect your weapon from the chest in the Impassse in The Pale Heart
  • Find 8 Visions of the Traveler
  • Kill all Overthrow Bosses
  • Head back to the Old Tower

Loot Region Chests

The first task after beating the campaign is to get the Legendary variant of the Khvostov is to loot all 9 region chests in The Pale Heart to get Lost Encryption Bits. Each main location has three and you can find their locations below.

The Landing Region Chests

The first chest can be found in the east of the area, along the bridge over the chasm. Under the bridge, you can see a waterfall. Jump through it to find a small cave and the chest.

Just next to the pool of water in the centre of The Landing, you can find a cave which passes through the large cliff in the middle of the area. Inside this cave, there is a gap. Jump down to the lowest of the two ledges to find the region chest. You can also grab a feather here.

The third chest can be found close to the spawn spot in The Landing. On your right, you will see a large waterfall. About halfway up, you can see a gap in the buildings, which you need to reach to find the region chest. To do this, you want to jump up the cliff edges and trees along the wall the building is embedded in, as shown in the image below.


The Blooming Region Chests

When on the cliff from where you spawn in The Blooming, jump down and look at the base of it to find a cave with purple lights eminating from it. After emerging from the other side, head around the left of the large column in front of you. To the left, you will see a pile of rocks, with the region chest on it.

Now return to where you spawn in after landing, and jump to the small, raised cliff in front of you. It will have a few groups of enemies fighting under it and a curved tree. Climb up the tree, to the top, to find the region chest.

From the last chest, head to the other curved tree, which is just next to the large red hand statue nearby. It is against the very edge of the map. Tucked in the corner of the cliff base is the chest.

The Impasse Region Chests

The first region chest in The Impasse can be found directly next to where you spawn in. Look to your left, and you will see some cliffs that lead downward. At the bottom, there is a small cave with the chest sitting in it.

The next chest can be found close to where the path leads towards The Transgression, with all The Black Fleet structures. In the centre, you can find the large, white-bricked structure. Climb it to find the chest.

The final chest can be found in a cave near the Cosmodrome wall that is here. Head towards where the Lost Sector is, and then take a right when you see the red metal plates embedded within the cliff. Just to your left as you walk towards them, there is a raised cave that you can jump to. Inside is the final chest.


Progress Micah-10's questline until Alone In The Dark

With these nine Lost Encryption Bits, you will only have six left to find. These are hidden within the Cyst missions in The Pale Heart, which are all unlocked as a part of Micah-10's questline. So, progress through all of her quests until you are offered Alone In The Dark.

Collect Lost Encryption Bits from Cysts

As a part of Micah-10's Alone In the Dark quests, you will be asked to complete Cyst missions during the latest steps. These can be started from The Pale Heart and during them you will have to contend with unique mission-based mechanics that keep you on your toes.

These can include tons of Lucent Hive moths that explode and try to kill you, or shields that can only be destroyed with sword swings. However, hidden within these missions is a pile of tech, which you can search to get the remaining six Lost Encryption Bits.

You will need to complete the full Alone In The Dark quest six times to get all of these and if you happen to miss one, you can start the Cyst missions from The Pale Heart where the objective marker is by following the bird. There are two in each area, but only one is active at a time. So, if you need the other one, you can interact with another bird near the active Cyst mission to switch to the other Cyst.

Here is where they all are:

Aerial Ace Lost Encryption Bit

At the end of the mission, jump down to the cave, which is covered in lava. As you enter, you will find yourself in-between two pools of lava. One from where you came from, and one ahead. Look to your right when standing in-between them and you will find a small crevice in the wall you can crouch through to get the Lost Encryption Bit.


Moth-Infested Cavern Lost Encryption Bit

This one can be found when you fight the Major Ogre in the room with all the blue crystals. After you kill the ogre, jump down the hole beneath where it was standing. In one of the caves down here, you can find the old tech.

Searing Light Encryption Bit

At the end of the mission, in the boss room, you will see a cave with a purple glow. Inside, in the left corner, is the old tech you can inspect.

Slayer Lost Encryption Bit

The Slayer one can be found after you have killed the ogre at the end of the mission. Look for the cave in the boss room with a tree trunk in front of it. In here, you can find another tree in the middle of the cave. Behind it is the old tech.

While you are here, jump up to the gap in the rocks on your left, before the purple crystal. You can grab a Memory of the Traveler, which you will need later.

Smothering Darkness Lost Encryption Bit

This Encryption Bit is at the end of the mission. After killing the boss, you can look for a purple crystal, with a cave next to it in the boss room. Here, you can find the tech on the right.


Sword Dance Lost Encryption Bit

While going through the mission, you will need to destroy several crystals with the sword. Afterwards, jump through the cave and destroy the first wall. Jump up and destroy the next rock walls, and continue forward until you fight an Ogre.

Instead of progressing forward at the objective marker, jump down to the path below to find another wall you can destroy and the pile of old tech.

Return to the Cosmodrome Wall In The Pale Heart

With all those Encryption Bits, you will automatically get the Lost Encryption Code, which can be taken to where you first got the Khvostov in Destiny: the Cosmodrome wall. You want to head to The Impasse on The Pale Heart and go inside the wall.

Follow the path until you reach the golden chest on a box. Open it with the key to get the legendary Khvostov.

Find Visions of the Traveler

With your legendary Khvostov, it is now time to upgrade it to the Exotic variant. This can be done by finding 17 Motes of Light. 8 of these come from finding Visions of the Traveler scattered around The Pale Heart.

Vision 1

The first Vision was mentioned earlier, in this guide, but if you have skipped to this part, you want to enter the Slayer Cyst. After you kill the boss, in that room, look around for the cave with the tree trunk on a rock. Inside, jump up the small rocks to the left and you will see the Vision sat in the corner.


Vision 2

For the second one, you want to head to The Impasse in The Pale Heart. Head in the direction of the path that leads to The Transgression. When you reach the large structure in the middle, of the area just before that path, look to your left. You will find a small monolith with the Vision sat in the shape at the top of it.

Vision 3

Next, head back to the Old Tower and out through the entrance beneath it. On your right, about 45 degrees, you will see a small gap between the buildings with some platforms. There is a red light emerging from the path.

Head all the way to the back and you will find a waterfall. Within the waterfall is the Vision.

Vision 4

The next Vision can be found right next to The Landing area where you spawn in. After spawning, turn to your left and you will see another waterfall. Sitting on a rock here is the Vision for you to pick up.

Vision 5

The fifth Vision can be found in The Refraction. So, from The Landing, travel through The Refraction and when you reach the Ogre, jump down through the path on the left. Directly beneath you as you come out into the large area, you can find a cliff ledge to jump down to. Sitting here in the water is the Vision.


Vision 6

Next, head to The Blooming. Follow the path all the way to the left, but don't progress towards The Divide. Instead, look up and you will see the Vision sat in a tree. You can climb that tree to reach it.

Vision 7

Now, continue all the way through The Divide, when you emerge at the top of the wall and you start to head down again, turn around. Behind a dish on the roof of the building on the left, you can find the Vision.

Vision 8

Finally, travel back to The Impasse and head to The Transgression. Continue down the path until you reach the room with the Black Fleet pillar in the middle. There is also a Paranormal Activity event here. Jump up and to your right and head down the corridor. On your left, once you reach the slanted tree in front of you, you can find the Vision, sitting behind another tree.

Kill All Overthrow Bosses

With those Motes, you now need the final 9. These are all dropped by the bosses in the Overthrow activity and there are three per location in The Pale Heart. They are dropped directly from the bosses, not the chests - so be sure to run over to where they died.


At the present moment, it is impossible to get all of the Motes as the Taken Servitor boss in The Blooming has been removed. But, once you have killed them all you can return to the tower.

Upgrade your Khvostov

With all the Motes of Light, head over to where the Speaker was in the original Tower and place all of the Visions on the pedestals. With the Motes, you can then open the chest that spawns and upgrade your Khvostov.

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