Destiny 2: How To Get The New Exotic Class Items (The Final Shape) (2024)

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In the week following the launch of The Final Shape expansion, Bungie released a hidden exotic mission called Dual Destiny in Destiny 2. This mission will reward the player with an exotic class item, a new exotic armor piece that can roll with two exotic traits instead of the standard one. The exotic class item can also roll with exotic traits from other classes so that a Titan could have a Mark with Hunter and Warlock abilities.

The exotic class item will only work with Prismatic, so collect as many Prismatic abilities and fragments as possible before attempting this mission. Dual Destiny has no quest marker, indicating it is a hidden activity that can only be unlocked by completing certain objectives. To do so, get ready to grind out Overthrow waves.


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How To Unlock The Dual Destiny Mission

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To unlock the Dual Destiny mission, you must complete a full circuit of Overthrow in the three areas within The Pale Heart: The Landing, The Impasse, and The Blooming. Upon defeating the boss in an Overthrow cycle, a Secret-Keeper of the Witch Queen will spawn somewhere in the vicitnity, typically near the area's Lost Sector. Defeating this elite enemy will trigger new dialogue, meaning you can progress to the next Overthrow area.

Make sure to Overthrow The Blooming last, as the next step in the quest will spawn in The Blooming.

Once you have defeated three Secret-Keepers, a beacon of Green Light will be seen above The Blooming. Head towards the beacon to find the Dual Destiny quest flag. This quest is incredibly unique, as it requires two players to complete it, no more and no less. So, unfortunately for solo players, there is no way to obtain the exotic class item without finding a buddy to complete this mission with.

Symbol Puzzle Solution Part One

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Upon entering the mission, you and your partner will each grab a different buff from two plates. One will be Light aligned and the other Dark aligned. Fight through enemies, taking out the ogres as you go until you reach another set of plates to stand on.

Doing so will reduce the barrier to progress to the first puzzle mechanic. You will notice a timer counting down with only a few minutes to spare. Time will be added as you complete sections of this mission, so speed is the name of the game.

The light subclass player in Destiny 2 will call out the correct order of symbols from left to right so that the dark-aligned player can shoot them. You can see the symbols when picking up your respective Light or Dark motes upon defeating the Servile elite enemies. Doing this correctly will trigger text that reads: Paracausal energy tears through you! You will be transported to the next room of the mission.

Symbol Puzzle Solution Part Two & Three

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The second puzzle room is similar to the first one, the only change being that the roles are now reversed, and there is an additional symbol for the dark-aligned player to call out. The same process as before is used: slaying Servile enemies and collecting your corresponding motes.

The third puzzle room switches the players' roles again, with the Light-aligned player calling out symbols to the Dark-aligned player. There are now four symbols to call out, so you must collect four motes. Upon completing the puzzle, you will be transported to a new area with additional time.

Stasis Freeze and Strand Suspend are great tools for the Servile enemies, as crowd control is invaluable for progressing quickly.

This mission emphasizes slaying enemies, so equip a loadout designed for ad clear. The exotic Warlock Gauntlets Sunbracers, the exotic Hunter Gauntlets Renewal Grasps, and the exotic Titan Gauntlets Synthoceps are all excellent choices for this mission. Using the Infinite Turret Warlock build is recommended to keep as many enemies frozen as possible.

How To Solve The Parkour Section & Clock Puzzle

Make your way through the parkour section, activating your corresponding Light and Dark plates. This section exists purely to cut down on your time, so try to minimize falling as much as possible. You will notice a large clock with nine nodes when you reach the next area. Each player will see six nodes connected, and the other three will be off. Your goal is to match three of the nodes that both players share.


How To Find The Lost Ghosts In Destiny 2 (Alone in the Dark Quest)

One of the quests for The Final Shape expansion for Destiny 2 called "Alone in the Dark" has you try and find a lost Ghost that needs your help.

You must defeat the Tormentors that spawn throughout the encounter to shoot the nodes. The player who slays the Tormentor will receive the Harmonic Sundering buff, allowing them to shoot the nodes.

The player who does not have the buff will begin reading their connected nodes so that the player with the buff can match the three they share. You will know you succeeded when you receive the message: "Light and Darkness surge, destabilizing an obelisk!" Repeat this process a few times until the barrier recedes, and you can progress through the next parkour section.

How To Beat The Two Subjugator Bosses

Best Tips & Strategy

This boss fight has the players combining all the previous mechanics to demonstrate mastery over the Light and Dark. Light and Dark Servile enemies will appear in the symbol puzzles, which the players should slay accordingly.

The light-aligned player will notice three symbols above the Subjugator, and the dark-aligned player will see symbols spawn around the arena. The Light-aligned player should read the symbols top to bottom so that the Dark-aligned player can shoot them in order, which will break the boss' shield.

Another Subjugator will enter the fight after dealing enough damage to the first. Once the second Subjugator is immune, repeat the same process as the first Subjugator. The only difference this time is that the roles have been reversed, with the dark-aligned player calling out symbols to the light-aligned player.

Once you have dealt enough damage to the second Subjugator, both bosses will become shielded, marking the beginning of the final puzzle. The exotic sword Ergo Sum with Wolfpack Rounds will tremendously help this fight.


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Microcosm is the first of its kind in Destiny 2. Not only is this weapon an Exotic Heavy Trace Rifle, but it also deals Kinetic damage.

The clock will return, this time with twelve nodes instead of nine. The puzzle is a bit different this time, as each player can only see four connected nodes, one of which both players will share. You must each call out your respective nodes and match the one you share to shoot it together.

However, the nodes change every few seconds, so you must be quick with your callouts and timing. You will know you have succeeded when you receive the message: Barrier strength has diminished. Repeat this process three times to continue the fight.

Each player will now have a Subjugator boss to defeat, which you can do individually or as a team. Enemies will continue to spawn, so make sure to clear them out as you go. Once both bosses have been defeated, a pathway will open at the back of the arena, leading you to your exotic class items.

How To Complete The Witch Queen's Final Test

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Each player will stand on a plate in front of their exotic class items, probably foaming at the mouth. However, both players will be Drowned in the Deep, respawning inside cages. You will have the option to Choose Peace or Prepare for Battle. No matter your choice, you will be rewarded with the exotic class item.

Now that you have completed the exotic mission Dual Destiny, the exotic class item has a random chance to drop when opening chests within The Pale Heart. However, this only applies to the character you have completed Dual Destiny with. So, if you want to get an exotic class item for your alternate characters, you must also complete Dual Destiny with them. With this new powerful exotic at your disposal, take on The Witness in the Excision mission with your perfect Guardian in Destiny 2.

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Destiny 2: How To Get The New Exotic Class Items (The Final Shape) (2024)


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