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A Review Of 2019 Best Coworking Space From Common Ground

Common Ground: Dream Lives Here

Common Ground, isn’t just a workplace, but a local community. Introduced in 2017, we’ve workplaces in Malaysia, Thailand, and also the Philippines. In 2019, Common Ground won Best Coworking Space in the ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards. There are four main professional services: private office, shared office rental, fixed desk, business continuity plan and virtual office.

Some important things about working inside of a coworking space include the suppleness and freedom who’s gives your job, but also the assembly of separating work at home. A coworking space can be cheaper. Coworking also helps you to network with people doing all types of work.

If you like the atmosphere on the coworking space but desire a little more privacy, then a private office could be the choice for you. The membership includes savings to all our events, plus a complimentary 12 hours usage of meeting rooms. Printing comes with 500 pages of black & white or 100 pages of colour printing.

Common Ground

Rental a workplace comes with lots of its own benefits. Most importantly, it indicates that your costs and expenses will be lessened drastically, and you may save more working capital. Location is another great benefit- if you rent then a workplace, your choices become much more interesting!

Get special, members-only savings to all our occasions with the Common Ground fixed desk package. The deal also involves 24/7 entry to your preferred fixed desk location and a no-cost 5 hours accessibility to our meeting spaces. We offer cheaper international calls if required as well.

An online office gives you all of the benefits of a physical location, minus the fees or you needing to be actually present! With Common Ground’s virtual office bundle, you may get a professional business address in addition to a business residential number. Should you require an assembly room or office, we’re also pleased to provide discounts for you at any location.

Get more information information regarding each plan available on the Common Ground website. Besides, we give you a test run to anyone who hopes to experiment with the Common Ground experience before enacting! Merely head over to our website, enter your chosen time and area, and you’re good to go! Visit for more details on business continuity plan with Common Ground.