Why Malaysia Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

June 21, 2019
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When you’re talking about travelling in Southeast Asia, most people will mention visiting Thailand or Singapore. However, not many people know about the hidden gem located between these two countries, that is Malaysia.

Why should you visit Malaysia? Because no matter what you’re looking for during a holiday trip, Malaysia has it all.

Not convinced? Then keep reading on! By the end of this article, we’ll bet that you’ll start packing your bags, buy a Malaysia SIM card and head towards the beautiful tropical country.

A vibrant city life

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, is one of the world’s greatest cities to fulfil your shopping needs. You can choose to shop in high-end shopping centres or learn how to haggle with the locals at market bazaars to get the best deals.

At night time, Kuala Lumpur lights up and turns into a beautiful city that offers breathtaking views. It’s also an excellent location to enjoy the night-life.

Majestic beaches

Malaysia is known for its beautiful beaches and islands. You can expect nothing less from white sandy beaches and emerald green waters when you visit famous locations like Redang, Pulau Tioman and Pulau Perhentian.

If you’re looking forward to a relaxing vacation under the sun, you can’t go wrong with any of the beaches in Malaysia. Even if you’re not a fan of chilling by the beach, you can go for water sports at these beaches.

Rich historic sites

Malaysia is a melting pot of culture and tradition, thanks to its multicultural citizens. Each state has many to offer if you’re into learning history and how Malaysia came to be with strong influences from every race.

For example, you can visit George Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Penang filled with colonial architecture, classic churches and Buddhist and Hindu temples and grand mosques.

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Food to die for

Malaysians are very proud of their local cuisines, and they should be as the country offers a vast selection of delicious food from various ethnicity. Some of the dishes that you must definitely try are nasi lemak, chicken rice, and roti canai.

The best thing about eating in Malaysia is it’s cheap and available anywhere. Besides eating in restaurants, you can find food on the streets and hawker centres.


Malaysia is a great destination to travel if you’re looking forward to a great time. The country has many things to offer and you shouldn’t miss any opportunities to visit.

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