Three Job Perks To Include In Your Job Posting!

November 18, 2019
Jobs Recruitment

Jobs recruitment can be a process that is long and taxing for recruiters and small companies alike. To ease the process, your job ad needs to be clear about the company and offer as well as attractive so you can stand out. Here are 4 job perks that you could display in your online job listing to give yourself a step ahead!

Health and life insurance

If your company is able to offer insurance for your employees, consider listing this benefit in your job ad when you’re hiring. Giving your employees insurance shows that you care for their wellbeing. It improves your employer branding as well as let your employees work better and without worry as their financial needs, if an incident happens, is cared for. 

Jobs Recruitment

Leave and off-days

Special leave and off-days are quite attractive benefits that you should definitely advertise in your job listing. Paternity leave would get fathers with a growing family who are professionals into your team. Maternity leave and off-day allowance for menses would attract job-seeking woman towards your company. Being upfront about your leave days also gives the impression that work-life balance matters to you, which is always a nice touch.

Extra allowances

Allowances for public transit, parking or more is worthwhile to mention in your job listing. These benefits incentivise your employees to come and go the extra mile to work with you. If your company is located in an area that in slightly inconvenient for many, perks like this would attract potential and more experienced candidates to apply to your company


The next time you’re drafting a job vacancy listing for your company, consider adding these perks into the ad as well. They are more than just your offers to potential candidates, but is also a display of your values, priorities and employer branding. If you’re looking for the best way to advertise a vacancy, click here to know more.