4 Signs of Immune System Problems

December 11, 2019
weak immune system

When your body’s immune system is working, it keeps you safe from viruses and bacteria that may harm you. However, when you have a weak immune system or experience problems with your immune system, your organs don’t work the way it should and fails to protect your body.

A person with a weak immune system is more prone to infections and illnesses. It’s also harder to treat these individuals or for them to recover naturally. People with a weak immune system may need to take more precautions to protect themselves from getting sick.

Here’s a list of symptoms a person may face if he experiences immune system problems:

Cold hands

Also known as the “Raynaud’s phenomenon” by doctors, this symptom happens when your blood vessels are inflamed, making it harder to keep your fingers and toes to keep warm. The skin at the affected area may turn white and then blue but will return to red when blood flow comes back.


Your body’s first line of defence against germs is the skin. How your skin looks and feel can reflect how well your immune system is. Dry, itchy and red skin is a sign of inflammation, and people with a weak immune system may experience rashes that is painful or doesn’t clear up.

Patchy hair loss

Sometimes, your weakened immune system may attack the hair follicles in your body. When that happens, you lose hair at parts of your body, including your face, scalp or head. Losing hair is also a symptom for autoimmune diseases such as alopecia areata or lupus.

weak immune system

Repeated infections

Taking antibiotics more than two times in a year is a sign of a weak immune system. For children, they shouldn’t take more than four times a year. Other red flags of immune system problems include chronic sinus infections and having pneumonia more than once.


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