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3 Health Tips To Practice During The New Normal

During a pandemic, things can get really worrying. This new coronavirus is nothing like we’ve ever seen before. While manageable, staying in quarantine for so long has really made most of us worry and second guess everything. If you’re one of them, upgrade and check on your health insurance and practice these health tips during the ‘new normal’.

Carry Around a Hand Sanitiser

Keeping good hygiene should be a priority in protecting yourself. Regular hand washing with soap and water helps to kill off the COVID-19 virus and prevent spreading. However, we understand that for whatever reason, a hand wash might not be the most convenient. Therefore, keeping an alcohol-based hand sanitiser near becomes super handy during those times. 

Do More Virtual Meetups

As more and more people start to head back to work and restaurants reopen for dine-ins, we have to be mindful of social distancing. It’s understandable to want to meet people after being quarantined for so long but minimising contact is still the best way to prevent the disease. If you need to meet a client or just check in on your friends, try to organise a conference call instead!

Bring Your Own Container And Cutlery

If you’re back in the office, consider bringing your own personal food containers and cutlery. Your office pantry may be stocked with kitchen utensils that could help you snack, but having your own personal one helps reduce contamination from improper cleaning or other forms of transmission. It’s good practice for the environment too!


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These practical adaptations into your life is pretty significant to prevent the infection of COVID-19. With them, you get to keep yourself and the people you love safe from harm. If you wanna know more on how to protect your family, AIG’s health insurance covers an array of conditions while remaining flexible. Learn more about them here